CargoBear system roof rack 2.0 for Mercedes G

for Mercedes G

✔️ HiGrip

✔️ aluminum powder-coated RAL9005

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When it comes to powerful performance, our very own CargoBear is definitely the Grizzly among roof racks. Strong, sturdy and massively versatile, it was way ahead of its time when we introduced it in 2016. But the world is turning, evolution doesn’t favor a standstill and if you want to survive in nature, you need to keep innovating.

Leaner and meaner is this new bear, the CargoBear 2.0, when he emerges from his winter den in Berg. Same load bearing strength, same solidity, same rigidity, but greatly reduced fight weight: Your 4×4 has to carry around 30 % less weight on the roof. And on top of it, the new CargoBear comes with a reduced price tag as well.

How did we do it? The crucial difference lies in a new construction design. Removing the comparatively heavy longitudinal connecting beams, their structural function has been taken over by newly developed perforated HIGRIP plates between the crossbars and angled end-plates for the sides. The new design achieves (nearly) the same structural strength as its predecessor but reduces the net weight considerably.

The CargoBear 2.0 has been designed for a load capacity of 300 kg off-road (with evenly distributed load). This can easily be doubled on the road. Theoretically, that is, because it’s important to make two points when it comes to roof racks. One, keep in mind that your vehicle’s center of gravity can shift upwards considerably when carrying a roof rack with cargo, especially off-road. And two, when loading your roof rack, the limitations will most likely result from your vehicles approved roof load which in most cases will be significantly below the specifications of the rack itself.

Some of the CargoBear 2.0’s features stay the same, however, because we found them hard to improve: this includes the jet-black, super-flat look, the high-performance material and the modular versatility. Furthermore, all accessories, additional components, roof tents etc. are fully compatible with the first generation. The long G-Class will finally get a CargoBear with four crossbars and we are also working on a model for the new Defender. So, bear with us, we will release real results when we have them and not CGI renders like some of our competition.

And last but not least, the old heavier CargoBear with longitudinal beams and checker plate will be continued exclusively for classic Defenders who need specific heavy-duty applications.

Measured from the gutter, the CargoBear is approx. 19,5 cm high. On the roof it is approx. 5-6 cm – depending on the roof, condition, year of construction etc.