Gullwing Window – Land Cruiser 100/105 Series and Lexus LX470 1998 – 2007 – Emuwing

Emuwing gullwing window replacement kits for the Lexus and Cruiser.

Get the ultimate access solution for your Cruiser.


Get the ultimate gullwing window replacement access solution for your Land Cruiser and enjoy the access Emuwing can provide.

The most comprehensive access to the rear of your wagon available today, side access solutions from Emuwing.

Opening the side of the car simply, because you can with your gullwing window. The Land Cruiser has a large windows suitable for many applications and the only thing holding you back is your imagination. No more swinging away the spare tyres, jerry can holders and then battling your way in through the back door. With the access Emuwing replacements give, you will be able to reach things easily.

Dust and waterproof so the car remains clean and dry. Gas strut assisted, lockable and secure.

The Land Cruiser standard model does not have the chrome trim at the bottom of the window, this will need to be sourced and fitted prior to the frame being bonded to ensure a neat finish, otherwise a gap will be left at the bottom of the door panel.

*Due to the intrusion of the hinge, this product is not suitable for vehicles that carry passengers adjacent to the Emuwing. This is designed as an addition to a storage system and should be removed if the seats adjacent to the Emuwing are ever reinstated.

As this is a DIY kit. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully before beginning installation as once installed, no claims can be made due to incorrect installation.

Auto Safety Glass Option:

AS2 Approved Auto Safety Glass, shaped to fit the Cruiser. Safety glass tested to meet Australian and international requirements, AS2. Tint will need to be matched to your existing colour prior to installation.

Solid Option:

Powder coated satin black and formed to suit the Cruiser.

TYPE Glass, Solid
SIDE Left, Pair, Right