Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon Roof Rack Roll Cage Mount

Make: Land Rover

Model: Defender 110 Station Wagon 4-door (1983-present)

Full luggage rail ‘Explorer’ roof rack for mounting to Safety Devices roll cage.

  •  The luggage rails extends around all 4 sides of the roof rack, i.e. there are no open sides.
  •  Affixes to the roll cage with aluminium clamps.
  •  Available in two sizes: 2.0m x 1.4m and 2.8m x 1.4m (shown in these photos).
  •  From October 2020, L232 cross rail updated to new design.

Also available as a short luggage rail version (for side loaded tents) and a long luggage rail version.

Also available as a rain gutter mount version.


Full options

  •   RRL229 0FRC – 2.0m x 1.4m roof rack with full luggage rail, for mounting to external roll cage.
  •   RRL232 0FRC – 2.8m x 1.4m roof rack (shown in these photos) with full luggage rail, for mounting to external roll cage.

Other options

  •   RRL229 0FL – Birch ply floor for 2.0m x 1.4m roof rack.
  •   RRL232 0FL – Birch ply floor for 2.8m x 1.4m roof rack.
  •   RRL233 6SSS – Ladder which mounts to the rain gutter and chassis cross member. Weight approx 6.2kgs.

Technical Specification

  •   Heavy duty steel roof rack, grit blasted, primed with a zinc enriched powder undercoat, and finished with a durable black satin powder coat.
  •   Roof rack can be converted in to a rain gutter mounted roof rack with the appropriate fitting kit.
  •   Standard pack includes a steel roof rack, clamps and fixing bolts.
  •   Does not allow a sunroof to be opened.