NP242 HD Slip Yoke Eliminator

A true Slip Yoke Eliminator kit for the NP242-HD Jeep transfer case found in many Grand Cherokees. This is not a hack and tap; it is a brand new 32 spline rear output shaft, new seal retainer and seal, and new output flange. The output flange is compatible with 1310, 1350, and 1410 series drive shafts. This only fits the 242 HD transfer case with a stock 32 spline rear output shaft and only the version that uses a 6″ long aluminum cone style seal retainer. If you have the 242 transfer case with a 27 spline stock output shaft you will need the standard 242 SYE instead.

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Key product features

  • New output shaft (not a hack and tap).
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with versatile output flange that will work with many different sizes and types of drive shaft.
  • Uses standard type output flange. Does not require a specially machined and shortened yoke or flange.
  • Maintains the stock speedometer housing.
  • Shortens the output shaft of by a whopping 4.5 inches!