Synergy Jeep Heavy Duty Replacement Tie Rod Ends

To get accurate and up-to-date information about Synergy Jeep Heavy Duty Replacement Tie Rod Ends, I recommend visiting the official Synergy Manufacturing website or contacting Synergy Manufacturing directly.


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  • Synergy Jeep Heavy Duty Replacement Tie Rod Ends
  • Fully greaseable sintered metal-on-metal bushing design has high wear resistance
  • Specially designed grease grooves in the OD of the ball to allow for maximum lubrication
  • Spring loaded bearing design keeps pressure on bearings and keeps the joint tight as it wears
  • Forged bearing housing made from 1018 steel for a strong, smooth, bearing surface
  • Tie Rod End stud made from 4140 steel with an induction heat treated bearing surface for smooth operation and maximum life
  • Single Plane tie rod ends offer misalignment in one direction of movement only. This eliminates drag link flop on the products they are designed for
  • Outperforms the factory and all other aftermarket style tie rod ends by offering a larger shank with no stress riser (doesn’t neck down at base) and elimination of the nylon ball race
  • Boots are made from tear/wear resistant black NBR and come with retaining springs
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation
  • 7/8-18 UNF LH or RH Thread available


  • 4135-L HD Tie Rod End, Left Hand Thread for TJ/XJ/ZJ’s 7/8-18 Left Hand Standard
    4135-R HD Tie Rod End, Right Hand Thread for TJ/XJ/ZJ’s 7/8-18 Right Hand Standard