Gigglepin Winch Motor Bolts are designed to allow easy and secure fitment of our Pro 100 Series Solenoids to the rear of the winch motors.


These will fit Bow Motor 1, Bow Motor 2 and Warn XP Motors. Pro 100 Series Solenoids


Upgrade your winch motor mounting with Gigglepin’s Extended Motor Bolts designed specifically for Bow 1, Bow 2, and Warn XP Motors. These high-quality, precision-engineered bolts are the perfect solution for improving the performance and durability of your winch setup.

Upgrade your winch’s motor mounting system with Gigglepin Extended Motor Bolts for Bow 1, Bow 2, and Warn XP Motors. Ensure your winching operations are reliable, secure, and built to handle the most challenging situations. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your off-road adventures; trust Gigglepin for top-notch performance and durability.


Product Brand: Gigglepin
Product Code: G10001


  • Extended Length: Gigglepin Extended Motor Bolts are longer than standard bolts, allowing for a more secure and stable motor attachment to your winch. This extra length provides increased rigidity and reduces the risk of motor movement during heavy-duty winching operations.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from premium materials, these motor bolts are built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions. They are corrosion-resistant and designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring your winch stays in top working condition.
  • Easy Installation: Installing Gigglepin Extended Motor Bolts is a straightforward process. They are designed to directly replace the existing motor bolts on Bow 1, Bow 2, and Warn XP Motors, requiring no special tools or modifications. Detailed installation instructions are included for a hassle-free setup.
  • Enhanced Winching Performance: With improved motor stability, you can count on enhanced winching performance. Whether you’re pulling heavy loads or navigating challenging terrain, these motor bolts help maintain consistent power delivery and reduce wear and tear on your winch.
  • Compatibility: These Extended Motor Bolts are specifically engineered to fit Bow 1, Bow 2, and Warn XP Motors, making them a perfect upgrade for a wide range of winch applications.
  • Trusted Brand: Gigglepin is a renowned name in the off-road and winching industry, known for producing high-quality aftermarket parts that meet the demands of serious off-road enthusiasts and professionals.