Oztent RS-1 King Single Swag

Sold with Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher

⚠️ Not Sold Separately

DIMENSION (cm): 215 x 105 x 100

The OZTENT RS-1 King Single Swag is the ultimate one-person shelter. Using our innovative 30-seconds folding frame, the RS-1 Swag easily sets up and packs down within 30-seconds, giving you extra time and headspace to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Made from waterproof and fire-retardant Ripstop polyester material, the RS-1 Swag provides a fast and effective barrier to the elements. The Series II version of the OZTENT RS-1 Swag comes with a thicker 40mm mattress to make falling asleep as easy as the 30-seconds setup. Extra ventilation has been built in to maximise comfort.



30-seconds setup
Large, integrated awning
Comfortable 40mm mattress included
Certified fire rating to CPAI-84
Additional venting at head and foot
Integrated toggles to hold LED lights under the awning
Sleeps 1 (king single)



Let’s be honest, traditional swags can be slightly annoying to setup. You have to roll it out, thread your poles and blow up your mattress. At Oztent, we’re all about making camping life easier. Introducing the RS-1 Swag. No more stuffing around with poles or a bulky mattress, you can now setup your swag in less than 30-seconds.


We have re-thought the use of the awning in the RS-1. We’ve added a reflective underside so you can flip it over the tent to act as a fly. 1 awning with 2 uses. Use as an awning during wet weather for maximum waterproofness.


We want to make your camping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. To help with this we have attached all guy ropes to the tent with along with storage pockets, included heavy duty pegs and a robust carry bag.